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We have received your booking - thank you!  We look forward to having you in our workshop.


Upstairs @ The Plaza

(Boree St Car Park)

Shop 28 & 29

107-109 Princes Highway


On the day:

Please be sure to arrive by 9:50am to get yourself comfortable in a spot in the dance room.  We have a lot of content to get through so we will begin right on 10am.  Our toilets are located just up the hall (you will need our key to access them) so it's a good idea to take students to the bathroom before we begin.  We will take a break from 12:30pm - 1pm.  There are several cafes around us or please pack a lunch box (food & drink can be consumed in our reception lounge or you may take a chair out on the balcony to enjoy the sun)

Students Please Wear:

(If you do not have EDN leotard & bikepants)

- Fitted bike pants (no long pants or loose shorts please)

- Leotard is preferred or fitted singlet/shirt

- Optional convertible stockings (must be able to access your feet)

- Barefoot but please also bring socks or stocking socks

- Water bottle


Please wear something comfortable, you will be getting down on the floor throughout the afternoon to perform tests/assessments on your child.

Could you please bring:

- A book (any book, just needs to be around 1 inch thick please)

- A towel (any full length towel)

- A couple of thick pillows for support (during assessments)

- Pen/paper to take notes & record your childs results of the different assessments & exercises we do

I will be providing sorbolene cream for when you perform the massage techniques on your child.  If your child has sensitive skin or needs an alternative, please be sure to bring some (welcome to bring your own in any case)

If you have any questions before the day, please feel free to get in touch.  I look forward to a wonderful day with you!

Miss Sarah

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