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Always climb the tree

Did you know: kids exploration play is just as important as formal dance conditioning classes 👧 Climbing trees, rocks & monkey bars helps activate important muscular & fascial slings that are essential for dynamic stability 🩰

💪 Anterior oblique sling - assists a dancer in supporting the leg when in developpe & attitude devant

💪 Posterior oblique sling - important for work in derrière

💪 Lateral sling - gives a dancer stability when standing on one leg

Without strengthening of the muscular & fascial lines, dancers will have difficulty maintaining a good posture in class & while executing basic dance movements.  They will naturally sit in the anteriorly tilted, rounded tummy posture, or will sit back in the knees & slump through the upper body.  They lack the strength & endurance needed to hold good posture for any period of time, often needing reminding to “stand up straight”.

How do we develop these slings in formal dance conditioning?   By getting down on the floor & crawling!  Core stability is developed with natural human movement patterns, not sit ups, planks or squats.  An effective crawling pattern can have a huge influence on your overall strength & stability.

..but the most important part?  Climbing trees is great fun!

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