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When Can I Have Pointe Shoes?

07 December, 2023

by Sarah Martin

I'm asked this question a lot..the answer may surprise you..

Always climb the tree

09 July, 2022

by Sarah Martin

Did you know: kids exploration play is just as important as formal dance conditioning classes..

Why you should stop performing traditional stretches

31 March, 2022

by Sarah Martin

My students: “Miss Sarah we reeeeeaaaaalllly want to be able to do the splits & kick our legs up high, could you teach us how to do it please?”

Me: “Sure!”

My students: “Yay!”

Me: “Once we assess your range then we’ll start with your breathing..”

My students:

Did you do a double take as well?  Did you check to see if that was a typo? Breathing?  To be able to do the splits?

YES! ✅ 

First day of dancing..

1 October, 2020

by Sarah Martin

Is it time for your loved one to go into a dance class all on their own?

Are one of you a little nervous?

Take the stress out of what should be a fun, memorable day with 8 things your dance teacher would like you to know before you go ahead & register, or even mention the words "dance class" to your little one..

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