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I WANT TO DO THE SPLITS workshop (Instagram Post (Square)) (1).png

Do you have a child at home who is BUSTING to do the splits?


Do you watch them repeatedly push themselves down into the splits position trying desperately to achieve it?


Do you watch them endlessly "stretch" their legs in the hopes of making themselves more "flexible" in order to be able to do the splits?


Do you understand the serious dangers & lifelong consequences of attempting a skill in this manner?


Then this workshop is for you both.


Back in the 80s & 90s we used to "stretch" & push ourselves down into the splits. With a lot of pain & persistence, most of us eventually achieved it.


Where are we now? Suffering through the hip pain (some of us needed hip replacements) the back injuries, the leg injuries, the permanent nerve damage..we simply did not know what we were doing (& our teachers didn't know any better).


It's now 2024 & WE KNOW BETTER! "Stretching" & pushing yourself down in the splits is the slowest & most dangerous way of getting there.


I will be hosting an informative workshop for students & their parents on Saturday 20th June from 10am - 3pm (with break from 12:30pm - 1pm)  There will be lots of information to follow as well as some practical tests & tools. Please understand that a parent MUST be in attendance for each student attending. Due to the complex nature of the information provided in this workshop, students must be 8 years+ to attend.


Investment: $80 per student (includes one parent attending)



Once paid, refunds or credits are not available.

Limited space, bookings close once we are full.

Minimum number of students required to go ahead.

One parent for each child MUST be in attendance



Fitted bike pants (no loose shorts or long leggings)

Convertible stockings optional (must be able to access feet)

Leotard or shirt

Barefoot but please bring a pair of socks or stocking socks

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