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We firmly believe that educating students in correct, safe technique & alignment from an early age is imperative to prevent injuries in young bodies. So you can rest assured that while your loved one is having the time of their life in class, they are also receiving strong, quality dance training.



Students will study the fundamentals of both classical ballet & jazz in this combined lesson. Consisting of barre work, across the floor skills & combination steps, this class is the ideal foundation for every dancer.


Educating students in correct, safe technique & alignment from an early age is imperative to prevent injuries in young bodies. Our ballet/jazz program was developed in line with the "Training Tiny Dancers in Turnout" teacher certification - completed by Principal Sarah Martin - created by Lisa Howell, Dance Physiotherapist, & Beverley Spell, Early Childhood Master Teacher.

Express your individual style in this fun, high energy dance class! Our hip hop styles include locking & popping, breakdance, funk & lyrical.  All music, movement & costuming is age appropriate.

Hip Hop

Tap is a fun, exciting form of dance, the perfect compliment to a hip hop lesson.  All tap students learn from the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.

This class will focus on building the fundamentals that all young dancers require - core strength & stability, technique, mobility in the hips & spine, balance & proprioception, foot control & a basic understanding of anatomy.  This foundation class incorporates exercises from "Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers" as well as Progressing Ballet Technique.  Students will also work through exercises & techniques that will assist in resolving the four main mobility restrictions - bone & joint, neural, fascial & muscular.

Please understand this is NOT a stretch class: "Pushing in the direction you want to go is the slowest & most dangerous way of getting there" - Lisa Howell, The Ballet Blog. The techniques used in this class are based on The Level 2 Flexibility Intensive certification Miss Sarah gained through Lisa Howell's training, as well as the principles of Heal Yourself and Move..

Weekly conditioning lessons will guarantee a vast improvement in all areas of dance training.  Students who attend this class must be willing to work hard both in class & at home if they wish to see the improvement.


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